Selling on French Riviera

Visiting Your Property

Following your first contact with Nice Homes, a Nice Homes agent will introduce him/herself and discuss your expectations regarding selling your property. S/He will request to visit your property to get a sense of its’ condition, market value and evaluate it. In order to sell your property through an agency in France, you must sign a mandate, which will stipulate the terms and conditions of your agreement.

Signing a Mandate

Once you have decided to sell your property with your Nice Homes agent, s/he will present you with both an exclusive and a simple mandate for you to choose from. These two types of mandates differ in various areas. When signing an exclusive mandate, you are giving your Nice Homes agent sole responsibility to advertise, promote and sell your property. This is an advantage on several levels. As Nice Homes is part of the Multi-Listing Service (MLS), a service only for exclusive mandates, your property will be visible to 500+ agencies locally. This increases drastically your chances of finding the right buyer at the right price. Furthermore, you will need only communicate with one agent, rendering your life that much easier. From experience, we highly recommend signing exclusive mandates. It is key that you trust your Nice Homes agent’s professionalism to successfully sell your property. With regards to signing a simple mandate, you can provide as many agencies with your property to sell as you wish. This often sounds like a better option. However, in practice, this can become more stressful for you as you will be required to follow up with as many agencies as you have signed simple mandates. Also, a simple mandate may not be included on the MLS as it is a service for exclusive mandates only, therefore reducing your property’s visibility with the 500+ local agencies. At Nice Homes, we have invested substantially in professional platforms and tools including the MLS as we believe this is a great way to increase our chances to sell your property. Once you have signed a mandate and provided your Nice Homes agent with all the necessary documentation, s/he may begin marketing your property.

Marketing your Property

Your Nice Homes agent will take photographs of your property, which will be used to advertise it online and through our local and international networks. If you have signed an exclusive mandate, your property will also be advertised on the Multi-Listing Service (MLS) and therefore accessible by 500+ local agencies. At Nice Homes, we have invested in the latest marketing tools including 3D photography for virtual viewings. When taking photographs of your property, we highly recommend property owners to remove any personal items and to make the rooms presentable in order to show them in their best light. It is important to note that each Nice Homes agent has received training in professional photography. At Nice Homes, we work diligently to find and strengthen collaborations with some of the top international networks and locally with fellow agencies with the objective to continuously increase your property’s visibility and therefore amount of potential buyers.

Property Viewings

Each time we attract a potential buyer interested in your property, your Nice Homes agent will organise a viewing. If you are currently living in your property, your Nice Homes agent will contact you to inform you of the visit. If you are away or not living in your property, then your Nice Homes agent will request you provide him/her with a set of keys to do the viewing independently. During each viewing, your Nice Homes agent will guide potential buyers around the property whilst giving them a complete description, showing all of its’ features and answering any questions. We highly recommend property owners keep their property presentable to show it in its best light and to increase the chances of obtaining an offer at the right price.

Negotiating an Offer

Once a potential buyer wishes to purchase your property, s/he will make an offer. In return, you have three choices. You can accept, refuse or provide a counter-offer. Your Nice Homes agent will be able to advise you on how to respond to the offer and will negotiate on your behalf following your recommendations.

Preliminary Contract

Once you have accepted an offer, your Nice Homes agent will contact a “notaire” and send him/her all the legal documents required to draw up the preliminary contract, known as “le Compromis de Vente”. In France, a notaire must be used when a property or land is sold. The notaire is a property lawyer employed by the French government to ensure a sale is above board and that all taxes are paid. If you cannot be present at the signing of the preliminary contract, you can agree to sign a power of attorney with the notaire. Your Nice Homes agent can advise you here if you have any questions.

Final Signing

Once the preliminary contract is signed, the seller is considered locked into the sale. However, the buyer has a ten-day cooling off period during which s/he will need to transfer a deposit to the notaire to continue the purchase. As it will have been stipulated in the preliminary contract, the buyer will have been given a deadline to transfer the funds to purchase the property by. The transfer goes directly from their bank to the notaire’s secure account. Once the funds have been transferred and the notaire has done the necessary legal work, you will be invited to the notaire’s office for the final signing along with the buyer. If you cannot be present at the final signing, you can agree to sign a power of attorney with the notaire. Your Nice Homes agent will enable the buyer to view the property again just before the final signing as it is sold as seen. It is therefore critical not to modify anything within the property without the buyer’s prior knowledge and consent. Your Nice Homes agent can advise you here if you have any questions. During the final signing, the buyer receives the keys to their new property and the balance of the sale price is paid into your account. You will also receive a legal certificate of sale known as an “attestation de vente” proving you have successfully sold your property.

Time to Celebrate

Congratulations to you! You have successfully sold your property in France! Please feel free to share any kind words you may have for our Nice Homes agents. They do a great job helping you throughout the whole process. We are very proud of them and hope you enjoyed working with us!

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