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  • Selling your Property By Yourself: What Risks?

    Selling your property by yourself is certainly a choice but it comes with its own risks too. The focus is on the risk. Depending on how high the risk is, most people would lean towards the most efficient solution being professional help and guidance. As an analogy, when you are unwell, you have a choice of going to see your doctor or self-medicating. Depending on the severity of your health issue - in other words how high your health risk is - most people would agree that going to...

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  • Retiring on the French Riviera

    Retirement is an exciting and often anticipated milestone in many people's lives. It marks the end of one's working life and the beginning of a new chapter filled with endless possibilities. Whether you plan on traveling the world, picking up new hobbies, or simply relaxing and enjoying the fruits of your labour, retirement is a time to celebrate all that you have accomplished and to look forward to what's to come.One of the many benefits of retirement is the freedom to choose where you want to live....

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  • The Negative Impact of Setting Targets

    In the following article, we discuss a controversial topic that goes on behind the scenes within the industry. Our intention is purely to provide clarity to you – the reader – to better understand the dynamics of the real estate market and how certain practices can have unintended consequences.One such practice is when real estate agencies set targets for agents to sign mandates with property owners in order to expand their portfolio of properties to sell. This practice may seem logical on the surface,...

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  • Current Economic Climate 2023

    Happy New Year! As the clock strikes twelve and we say goodbye to the old year, we welcome the new one with open arms and a champagne toast. On behalf of the entire team here, we would like to extend our warmest wishes to all of our clients, both past and present, for a prosperous and successful New Year. As we look towards the future, we're excited to see what the new year brings for the real estate market on the French Riviera. The Current Economic Climate The French Riviera is a destination...

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  • Are we entering a Seller’s Market?

    As 2022 kicks off, we have noticed the early signs of the market moving towards a seller’s market. This article addresses the specifics of a seller’s market and how to work it to your advantage.What is a Seller’s Market?An expression commonly used in the real estate sector, the term “seller’s market” refers to when the demand for a product is greater than its supply – in this case, when there are more buyers looking for properties than there are owners selling their properties. It is the opposite...

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  • Impact post-crisis in Real Estate on the French Riviera

    Following our recent team video message that you can now find on our YouTube channel HERE, very many people have contacted us inquiring about what impact this global health crisis will have on the real estate market. We have certainly all read and heard numerous diverging opinions on the subject and can see how difficult a question this is to tackle. Therefore, focussing solely on our region, the French Riviera, and after several hours of discussions on video calls (thank you Google Hangout, thank...

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