Hyper Centre

There are two main sections of the Hyper Centre separated by the Avenue Jean Médecin: the Western part includes the area around the central train station and the Eastern part is neatly enclosed by Cimiez to the East, the Liberation area to the North and the Wilson neighbourhood to the South.

The Avenue Jean Médecin is the main focus point of the Hyper Centre and possibly one of the busiest areas of Nice with its numerous shops and cafés and the tramline passing through. The quietly impressive shopping area, Nice Etoile, is tidily nestled away in the very centre of the neighbourhood and boasts a wide array of shops among which home improvement, wellness, clothes and games shops for children. An important piece of information worth having in mind is that some properties in and around Nice Etoile are leasehold rather than the conventional freehold.

The Western part of the Hyper Centre often has many opportunities for seasonal rentals and is often sought after by those travelling to and from Monaco on a regular basis due to its proximity to the central train station. On the other hand, however, the Eastern part tends to attract more homeowners. It becomes slightly calmer further eastwards and has some great places to go including 21 Paysans on Rue Valperga, a grocery store and restaurant, which focuses entirely on local produce, and the various music instrument shops on Rue Lépante.

The neighbourhood is well served by public transport with a variety of bus lines linking the Hyper Centre to most areas of Nice. Both tramlines also meet in the very centre of the neighbourhood; the first tramline travels above ground along the Avenue Jean Médecin, the second tramline travels underground along the Boulevard Victor Hugo with a tram stop at the very intersection of the Boulevard and the Avenue Jean Médecin before continuing its journey between the airport and the port. There are several car parks too dotted about the neighbourhood, although they can be found to be quite expensive. This raises the point that purchasing a garage or parking spot in the city centre to rent out can turn out to be a good investment.

Property prices in the Hyper Centre vary somewhat depending on the street on which the property is located. However, on average, properties tend to be valued only slightly higher than Nice’s average price, therefore remaining affordable for most buyers and a solid investment on the whole.

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