Mont Boron



Historically used as a look-out point, the area of Mont Boron, which encompasses both the hillsides of Mont Boron and Mont Alban, is now a beautiful, upmarket, residential neighbourhood to the very East of Nice and walking distance from the Port. It is renowned for simply some of the most spectacular panoramic views overlooking both the whole of Nice and the next towns on, Villefranche sur Mer and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The area is very safe and quiet and has many Belle Epoque villas and modern apartments among the trees and wooded parkland.

A site to note is the big, pink castle on top of the hillside, known locally as le Château de l’Anglais, the Englishman’s Castle. It was built in the late 1850s by Colonel Robert Smith and has now become a co-property of apartments. Sir Elton John also owns an exquisite villa on Mont Alban.

The properties in Mont Boron are among the most expensive in Nice due to the incredible views and privacy the area has to offer. Purchasing a lovely one-bedroom apartment will most likely cost a minimum of 350,000€. The prices of villas generally exceed 900,000€.