Historically, Cimiez was known as Cemenelum, the capital of the Ancient Roman province Alpes Maritimae, and rival to the city of Nice. Its’ ruins remain an important attraction in Cimiez in the same way as the Excelsior Regina Palace where Queen Victoria would often visit and the Chagall and Matisse Museums. In fact, the painter Henri Matisse is buried in the cemetery near the Cimiez Monastery.

Today, Cimiez is the most residential neighbourhood of central Nice boasting beautiful views of the whole of Nice, outstanding architecture and calm streets. The bus lines run regularly between the city centre and Cimiez bringing the two areas closer together, although the few supermarkets nearby make all the necessary everyday purchases accessible by foot. The lower part of Cimiez, known as Bas Cimiez, has some tremendous sea views.

Prices in Cimiez for a beautiful apartment are usually between 4,500€ to 7,500€ per square metre.